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jeudi 17 août 2023

  • The pupa of Chironomus decorus Johannsen, 1905 – additional description and an unusual sexual dimorphism

    In his original description of Chironomus decorus, Johannsen included a brief description of the pupa but with insufficient detail to differentiate it from other North American species, particularly those of the decorus-complex. In this note, further information of pupal characters, mostly derived from specimens reared from egg masses, are given which allow separation of these pupae from those of some other species, e.g., presence of frontal warts, and in the case of the males, to permit accurate identification by the presence of a small secondary tubercle.

vendredi 30 décembre 2022

mardi 27 décembre 2022

jeudi 15 décembre 2022

  • Nematodes infest winter-active chironomids in Minnesota trout streams

    We present preliminary findings of the effects of nematode infestation on winter-active chironomid biology, and how short-term temperature spikes could affect host-parasite interactions. Results are limited but indicate nematodes may infest winter-active chironomid communities and significantly affect host chironomid biology. Further research on winter-active insects should include investigations into nematode parasitism to better understand how climate change will affect chironomid survival at the population and community level.


mercredi 14 décembre 2022

  • First record of Parochlus kiefferi (Garrett, 1925) in a sediment sequence from a Slovak mountain lake with notes on paleolimnological interpretation

    Subfossil larval remains of a rare Podonominae, Parochlus kiefferi (Garrett, 1925), were identified in a sediment sequence from a mountain lake in the Low Tatra Mountains, Slovakia, and represent the first record of the species for Slovakia. The depth at which the P. kiefferi remains were found, along with the taxonomic composition of the corresponding chironomid assemblage dominated by cold-stenothermal taxa, indicate that the sample can be dated back to the Little Ice Age. Additionally, notes on the chironomid remains which appear in the sediment sample are provided here and can offer further insight into paleolimnological interpretation.



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